Knitted (String Knit)

Seamless Knit Gloves are manufactured on automatic glove knitting machine & these gloves are available with different thickness, lengths (with long cuff as per the requirements) & various gauges like 7,10,13,15 made from different fibers: Cotton, Cotton/Polyester, synthetic blends, acrylic and Nylon. The Knitted Gloves are known as “General Purpose” gloves consist of Good quality, easy to wear & provides better comfort to the wearer. The seamless construction and close flexible fit increase the dexterity, allows the circulation of air reducing the perspiration. Ambidextrous fits either hand so double glove life.

Terry Seamless Knit Gloves are knitted on machine with the feature of yarn loop incorporated into the knit to provide excellent insulation against temperatures. Loops provide interference to sharp edges and blade travel helping to prevent the cuts & tears.

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