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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is consisting of Protective Helmets, Eyewear, Ear Protection, Face Protection, Respirators, Hand Protection & Garments etc. to protect the users body parts from Particular Hazards or Injuries.

So, the section of right PPE is required to reduce the risk of Hazards to maximize the Safety & also to carry the work activity to achieve target output.




Proper section of GLOVES is essential to protect hands. Our hands are highly used in the workplace. Most of the time workers face problems to understand the hazard or why hand protection is needed or how to choose the right gloves for Particular Application?. Glove is not just chosen based on performance but also fit & comfort to do the job for the day. If gloves are comfortable & fitting well, the workers will willingly wear the gloves for long time & it also helps to do the task well with Greater Efficiency & Safety. If the workers do not use the Gloves or proper type of Gloves the hands are more susceptible to Injury & can lead to medical expenses, compensation, loss of productivity & decline or workers morale.

We provide wide range of Hand Protection to choose from & also to help customers to select most appropriate gloves. The Options are as below

  • Cotton & String Knitted Gloves
  • with & Without Dots
  • Cut Resistant Gloves
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Chemical Resistant Gloves
  • Clean Room Gloves
  • Abrasion / Cut Resistant Gloves
  • Impact Resistant Gloves
  • Leather Work Gloves


Often the Workers are only concern with Hand Protection ignoring the risk of Cuts, Burns, Abrasion or Thermal Risk ending up with unnecessary injuries, which are preventable with appropriate protective sleeves for arms. We make sleeves with variety of material like cotton, Para Aramide, HPPE/Glass Fiber for protection from Cuts & Burns & Simple cotton for Light Duty Applications & also different Length & Styles meeting the end users need.



Head Injury is one of the most common cause of fatal accidents not just by choosing the right Head Protection but also not using correctly, which is most important. We have added few options of Helmets made from ABS & HDPE material protecting Head from impact Trauma & Burns in our range.



Safety Eyewear is designed to prevent injury to users eye. Eyes are one of the most important part of Human Body & highly vulnerable to injuries caused by things like Small Particles, Chemicals, Dust, Sharp Lights & Non-Visible Rays. We have developed range of Eyewear (Spectacles & Goggles & Face Shield) to choose from.



Many of the Industries or Work Places have excessive noises like constant or sudden loud noises which cannot be controlled or eliminated. But by the use of right Ear Protection Equipment, damage or injury can be prevented. The most common injuries that occur in the workplace which involves sound is hearing loss/damage). We have developed wide range of Earplugs, Earmuff suitable for different use. Unnecessary accidents or damage can be avoided with right product chosen.

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